Learn Geography the Fun Way!

With this game you will learn Geography in a fun and exciting way.

Practise freely at your own pace or play an exciting race against time.

TopoMania is highly configurable:

  • Choose your own set of countries.
  • Define and save preset country selections.
  • Choose from different colorschemes.
  • Set the automatic help system.
  • Choose from many map languages.
  • Four different games to play.
  • Demo mode will introduce you to the countries on the map.
  • All settings are saved on the local computer.

Map of Europe from 1693 A map of Europe made in 1693

Map of Africa from 1763 A map of Africa made in 1763

Map of Asia from 1705 A map of Asia made in 1705

Welcome at TopoMania!

Click on a continent and then click the start button to start practising. There are maps for all the continents available: Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, North America and Austrialia/Oceania.

Have fun practising your geography!

Tips for using TopoMania

Maximize the Map

If you have trouble reading the map or if you see labels on top of each other, you can use the button to make the game go full screen. You can enlarge the labels by using the button. Please note that if you use the full screen button the keyboard will not work anymore. As an alternative you can use the full screen function from your browser. Most browsers use the F11 key to go full screen. When using the browser full screen mode the keyboard will work as usable.

Make your own map

Some of the maps, like the map of North America and the map of Australia are crowded with small islands. If you have a large enough monitor this will not be a problem. But if you feel the map is to crowded you make a selection of the countries you want to use. At the Country Settings page you can select the countries to show on the map. You can choose from various fixed groups of countries or you can make your own set of countries and save them as a preset.

TopoMania on a Digital Blackbord

TopoMania is perfect to use on a digital blackbord. On the picture you can see the Capital game in action on a digital blackboard. Because the map in TopoMania is made of vector images you can enlarge the game while keeping the details and sharpness.

TopoMania in action on a Digital Blackbord

Let TopoMania do the work

Every game has its own demonstration mode. Choose a game and press the "Demo" button. The game will play by itself, giving you the opportunity to see how the game works and get an introduction to the countries on the map at the same time. On the Game Settings page you can adjust the demo speed.