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We have selected some interesting and fun links for you to explore.


Geography Games and Exercises


Europa - European Countries

Interactive map with information on the countries of the European Union. Names on the map are in local languages. This site is also available in other languages of the EU.


Europa Go!

Kids section of the European Union information site. Quizes and games about Europe. You can get an account and log in to compete with other members.


National Geographic Geography Games for kids.

A nice selection of quality flash games. All the games are located on the National Geographic site.


Maps and Map Games from has a nice collection of map games. Some of the drag-drop games are rather difficult to play because there are no outlines on the maps.


Sheppard Software Geograpy Games

This site is packed with excellent geography exercises and games that cover the whole world.




Geography Resources


Wikimedia Commons Atlas

The Atlas at Wikimedia Commons is a great resource of geographic and thematical maps.

The section on Europe is large and has good quality maps on many aspects of Europe such as History, Organisations, Topography, Population, Religions and much more.


EU Maps of Europe

Maps of EU member states and Candidate members. The maps are overview maps and details vary from country to country.


National Atlas of the United States

U.S. Government site with lots of free maps of the United States. Interactive tools to create your own maps. Dynamic maps to play and learn.


The World Factbook

Information and maps on all the countries of the world. The maps are basic small overview maps, but very usefull as an illustration to your paper or project. Maps and information from the World Factbook is used in numerous online publications, amongst which The TopoMania Country Browser on this site.


Geography World

A huge collection of geography links. As far as I can see this site has no content of its own, but I have never seen a bigger collection of links on geography. Confusing but interesting.


My Wonderful World

A National Geographic-led campaign about promoting Geography in all it's aspects.