TopoMania Worksheet Maker

Nothing beats a good exercise on paper. While the TopoMania game is a great tool you could still use some extra minutes memorizing with a worksheet. The TopoMania Worksheet Maker produces custom worksheets for all the available continents in the game. And you can layout the worksheets exactly the way you need them:

  • Select the countries you need to learn
  • Choose from a variety of color schemes
  • Choose from different label styles
  • Reposition labels
  • Print answer sheets

For more information read the instructions below. Happy worksheet making!



How to use the Worksheet Maker

The first map you see is a map of the world. To start making a worksheet click on a continent and press the button to open the map. To return to the world map press the button.

On the tabpage Map you can fill in a Title for your map. This title will be printed in the right upper corner. De map language is set to English. If you need another map language choose one from the dropdown list.
You can choose a label type from the Label Type dropdown list . The labels are moveable. Drag a label with the mouse to move it to a different position on the map.

On the tabpage Sheet you can specify settings for the generated forms and answer sheets. If you check the checkbox Answer Sheets the program will generate a empty form to fill in the answers and a form with filled in answers.

On the tabpage Countries you can choose a specific set of countries to show on the map. Choose countries by using the On/Off region buttons or choose specific countries by using the country checkboxes. Click the Apply button to redraw the map using your settings.

The button switches between a full map and a map that is zoomed in on the selected countries.

If you are satified with the map, press the button to generate your worksheets. A PDF file with your map and answer sheets is generated ready to save and print.


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